Love flag
The definition that most of us carry about love is very narrow and restrictive.
Generally it refers to a relationship or a desire. We haven't been though about love.
Love is the strongest energy we will ever know. It is electric, it is energizing, it is what we are made of. Love is one of the most sought out treasures, and very few of us so far realize that we all have it, inside. It runs through us, if we allow it.
Love is a doorway that opens with truth and trust, concepts that we hardly practice in our society. Love is how life works. Love is a commitment.
This flag is for you, if you want to remind yourself that Love is all. Love is everywhere. Love is what we breath.
Love is what makes every cell of our body do their job unconditionally. Love is a pathway to growth. Love can be our existence.
This flag is for you, if you want to learn to love yourself unconditionally and by consequence love all that is. Love life and enjoy every part of it. 
Hang a flag near you to remind you that YOU ARE LOVE. And YOU ARE LOVED.
Open the doorway to Love in your life.