Gratitude flag

When we are in a dark moment or a perceived tough situation, but despite of what is going on we are able to remember that we breath, that our body works, maybe that we have food, a kind act from an stranger; we start recognizing positive attributes that help us shift our energy.

It is about being thankful and appreciating every moment we experience, returning kindness to our world. Acknowledging what we are grateful for at least once a day will help us expand the receptiveness and bonding of our hearts.

Gratitude is a muscle that encourages you to reflect on what you really need in order to have a fulfilling life. This flag is for you, if you want to strengthen it, if you want a reminder to keep yourself constantly in this elevated energy.

This flag is perfect to be in your home altar, as a place to go every time you need to rise yourself higher. Where there is gratitude there is no anger.