What is the intention of the Flags for a New World?
To create equality and unity among humanity. To build universal common ground that helps us respect each other and live together with our differences. To bring people together through the common values that we all share.
What inspired you to create this flags?
There is a huge lack of responsibility and a lot of blame. A lot of victimization instead of learning and honoring all that put us there. The repetition of the same stories over and over without reconciliation, without forgiveness, even without realization that has happen again.
Can we learn through love instead?
I created the Flags for a New World as flags with intent as a way to bring equality and unity into our world.
As a reminder of our true nature, as a compass to help us keep our values present when we are taking actions. I believe aligning our values with our actions change our reality. Bringing intention into our awareness to achieve the feelings and life we are yearning for.
Why would you adopt this flags?
When we get to a point that we realize that the way we are living is NOT sustainable and accept how unhappy we are feeling despite all the apparent achievements, we must stop for a moment. We must decide to be brutally honest with ourselves. We must take a deep dive into our inner self. We must realize and accept that everyone is doing the best they can with the tools they have in the moment.  
We need support along the way, and Flags for a New World is a reminder of who we truly are.